by Minor Hysteria

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released April 7, 2016

Recorded by Matt Aldawood



all rights reserved


Minor Hysteria Glendale, Arizona

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Track Name: Far Away
It's been a while and I wonder how you are
Are you ok? did you make it so far?
I remember when you were begging me to stay
But you went away and now you are

So far away

The regrets are still living in my head
They'll haunt me till the day i end up dead
I want to tell you now exactly how I feel
But you walked away and now you are

So far away

If I had one chance I'd try to make you mine
Maybe you'd be here tonight
Give me one last try, I want to make you mine
But you walked away and now you are

So far away
Track Name: Wish
For sometime now I've been thinking about you
For a while now you've been living in my head
and I ask why it has to be so long

I wish right now could be with you
Showing all the love and care I have for you

For sometime time now I can't stop thinking of you
And I ask, Can i have a future with you?
One las question, do you dream of me and you?T 
Track Name: Grow Up
Things are so hard and I can't run away
Time keeps on flying as i fade away
I'm not going to move on
I'm not going to stay this way

I don't want to grow up

Theres too much pressure I'm losing my mind
Where did my youth go? I lost track of time
I don't wan to move on
I'm not going to leave it behind
Track Name: Best Thing I've Ever Had
My mind thinks of no one but just you
My heart holds a place inside
You say it can't get any better
I say as long as we're together

Ive never felt so good and so alive,
You are the best thing that I've ever had

No one can make me feel the way you do
I'm lucky just to call you mine
I want to make this last forever
You make life so much better
Track Name: Nothing Ever Lasts
I'm standing in the place I met you thinking about the past
We thought we'd last forever, but forever never lasts.
Remember what you said that night when we were all alone?
"Laying next to you is where I belong"

But you went away
There's nothing left to say you threw it all away
I guess you never loved me anyway

The day you said its over, I was okay I cannot lie
As the days are older I just wanted to die,
I thought that you were happy, but I guess that I was wrong
The feeling that we both shared were more weak than strong
Track Name: Puzzles
I've been running around and i still haven't found
A place to call my home
I know that I must, but I know that i'm lost
And I just feel so alone

Although that is broken I open my heart
A brand new beginning, but i don't know where to start

There's too many questions and so little time
Too much information for this fucked up mind
Ive lost all my reason and my happiness
I can now admit it I know I'm a mess
Track Name: Stuck
Once again I'm alone
I need to find a new place
Get me out for some fun
I need to find a new face

For sometime now I've been dying to hear
A new beat now and i wish that I could get out of here,

Pick me up, put me down
But don't leave me alone
Here I lay on the ground
In this boring home
Lost my voice, I hear no sound
I am stuck now
Stuck inside my self again
Track Name: Wasted Time
I sit here alone watching time fly by
My mind slowly starts saying its goodbye
It happened again, When will this end?

Hear now sound
No I can't seem to hear..
I want to go to a place so far from here

I look outside and the light ran away
I guess it's just another wasted day,
It happened again, when will this end?
Track Name: Where'd You Go?
I fell asleep with you and I woke up all alone,
Where did you go?
Give me and answer! Please let me know!

What did I do wrong?
To end up all alone

I fell asleep with you and I woke up all alone,
Where did you go?
Give me and answer! Please let me know!